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Below are some of the military team lineups I have gathered over the years. If you have a service team lineup you

would like to add to this page please email it to me and I'll add it today.




3rd Infantry Division 1945    
Cal McLish P  
Bob Savage P  
Gil Dobbs P  
Herschel Held    
Bill Radulovich 2B  
Mickey McGuire SS  
Rudy Laskowski C  
8th Air Force All Stars (England) 1944
Andrew Alexopoulos 1B Ipswich, MA
David Beck C Scranton, PA - Post-war minor leaguer
Paul Campbell 1B  Pre and Post-war Major Leaguer
Danielson P  
Jack Gaston OF Lindale, GA
Herbert Gorsline C Pre-war Minor Leaguer
John Groves P Parsons, KA - Post-war Minor Leaguer
Jones P  
Kenny King 3B Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Charles Knippel OF
Molinari Manager  
James Moyle 2B  
John Pavlich C Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Richard Roberts OF  
Gene Thompson OF Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Clark Triplett P  
David Tucker SS Post-war Minor Leaguer
John White 1B Albany, NY
Woods 2B  
10thtReplacement Depot (Midlands League Champions, England) 1944
John Chopick P Harrisburg, PA
Steve Chorney CF Allentown, PA
Marvin Crater C Post-war Minor Leaguer 
Howard Davis (team captain) RF Glassboro, NJ (poss. Minor Leaguer)
Dinunzio 2B  
Leonard W. Frase P Pre-war Minor Leaguer 
Harold A. Hinds 1B Pre-war Minor Leaguer
A Horan Manager  
John Kapinos SS Norwich, CT
Kelly RF  
P Molloy OF  
John Nelson P New Orleans, LA
Martin Phillips P Morrisville, PA
J Ragsdale OF  
A Ringus RF
Joseph A. A. "Al or Skippy" Roberge 2B  Pre and Post-war Major Leaguer
Walter L. Spratford 3B Milltown, NJ
Taul SS  
Tompkins C  
Jack Yarnell LF Lock Haven, PA (poss. post-war minor leaguer)
11th Armored Division 1945
Steve Peek P  
Lee Porterfield P  
Johnny Gibson P  
Dick Hersey 3B  
Windy Hausch 2B/MGR  
29th Infantry Division Blue and Grays (Seventh Army Champions) 1945
Nicholas “Lefty” Andrews P  
Herbert Biedenkapp RF
Dotheger P  
Douglas C
Earl Ghelf P/INF  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Grissem CF  
Ken Hess CF  
Lefty Howard P  
Don Kolloway 2B  Pre and Post-war Major Leaguer
Whitey Moore P  Pre-war Major Leaguer
Prasse LF/MGR  Possibly Erwin Prasse - pre-war minors
James Robinson 3B  
Bill Seal    Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Lansinger P  
36th Infantry Division Texans (Germany) 1945  
Raymond Broader Utility  
Albert Calp Utility
Cavello SS  
Carlo Condellire LF
Albert Coughlin RF  
Joseph Cullen RF  
Ed Fasiska 1B  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Lester Fippinger Utility
John Kelliher RF  Post-war Minor Leaguer
John King P  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Ned Kough 3B  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Herbert May CF  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Theodore Nykiel Manager
James Prendergast P  Post-war Major Leaguer
William Rook P  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Joe Schneider Utility  
Charles Shipman P  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Sam Shoemaker LF  
Joe Vargas C  
Will Woodall 2B  
Bernard Woycik C  Pr and Post-war Minor Leaguer
505th Parachute Infantry Regiment Panthers (England) 1944
PFC Joseph P. Makuch (Joe Marco) OF from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
PFC Clement B. Gudziunas from Chicago, Illinois
Pvt Burns. L. Garvin, Jr.   from Georgia
PFC Cloid B. Wigle from Riddle, Oregon (POW)
Cpl George Berrish   from Pennsylvania
Pvt Joseph L. Dunn 1B from Troy, New York (died from wounds)
Cpl Michael A. Claus from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pvt William J. Mitchell from St. Paul, Minnesota
Sgt Jack J. Haerter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (POW)
Pvt Walter A. Epp   from Stockton, California
Pvt Joseph M. Novak from Dolton, Illinois
Pvt Benjamin J. Farda   from Utica, New York
Cpl Francis J. Dunn C from Brooklyn, New York (KIA)
PFC B. Williams   from North Carolina
Sgt Ralph Warwick   from San Pablo, California
Walter J. Morgan   from North Carolina
508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Red Devils (England) 1944
Pvt Elmer A. Mertz   from Sheboygan, Wisconsin (KIA)
Pvt Daniel L. Peskin from Brooklyn, New York
Pvt Leo Hoynowski  
Cpl William F. Maloney from Hartford, Connecticut (KIA)
Pvt Paul Pavlick    
Pvt Harry L. Reisenleiter   from Brentwood, Missouri
Pvt Henry McLean
PFC William Sauer
Cpl William M. Dagon from Hillsboro, Illinois
Cpl Okey A. Mills   from Crab Orchard, West Virginia
Sgt John J. Judefind from Chester, Pennsylvania (KIA)
PFC George A. Shenkle   from Woodbury, New Jersey
Pvt Merle W. "Mike" Blethen from Portland, Oregon
Cpl Kenneth H. Hook   from Dayton, Ohio
PFC John T. M. Barry   from Bronx, New York
Pvt Joseph L. Laky   from Ottawa, Illinois (KIA)
Pvt Lemuel B. Parrish   from Lakeland, Florida
T/5 Ray Brown   from Vivian, Louisiana
Sgt Ralph Busson   from Doylestown, Ohio
Pvt Forrest V. "Lefty" Brewer   from Jacksonville, Florida (KIA)
Sgt Adolph F. "Bud" Warnecke from Fayetteville, North Carolina
Cpl. Frank Labuda from Chicago, Illinois
PFC Joseph "Jack" Bonvillian from Shreveport, Louisiana
Pvt Walter R. Lupton from Springfield Gardens, New York (KIA)
Sgt Thomas D. MacBlane from Elmira, New York
Pvt Gene Matuszewski from Buffalo, New York
PFC Rene A. Croteau from Holyoke, Massachusetts (KIA)
63rd Infantry Division (Germany) 1945
Johnny Alusik P  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Jack Dooley 3B  
Sergei Freeman LF  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Bill Haag P  
Walter Higgins P  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Walter Howell Coach  
Frank Lanzetti SS  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Douglas McDougall C  
Bill McNeill P  
Mercurio C  possibly John Mercurio pre-war minors
Tony Mottola 1B
Dominick “Lefty” Pecchia P
Earl Petersen C  
George Powles 1B  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Tom Quinn C  
Frederick Shoemaker LF  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Stafford RF
Sal Stampiglio RF  Post-war Minor Leaguer
George Vinson P  Post-war Minor Leaguer
William Wynn CF  
Bruno “Boots” Zelasko 2B Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
65th Infantry Division (II Corps Champions) 1945  
George Archie 1B  Pre and Post-war Major Leaguer
Bill Ayers P  
Rex Barney P  
Alpha Brazle P Played with 71st Div in ETO World Series
Morris Card   Post-war Minor Leaguer
Troyce “Duke” Cofer Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Demanicor   Possibly Frank Demanicor
Ken Heintzelman P Played with 71st Div in ETO World Series
Walter Kopp   Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Billy Reed    
George Scharein SS Pre-war Major Leaguer
Harry Walker OF Played with 71st Div in ETO World Series
Paul Wargo OF/P  
71st Infantry Division Red Circlers (Third Army Champions) 1945
Bill Ayres P  
Charlie Bamberger 3B  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Ewell Blackwell P  Pre and Post-war Major Leaguer
Alpha Brazle P originally with 65th Div
Herb Bremer C  Pre-war Major Leaguer
Ben Capp    
Joe Costa Manager originally managed 5th Div
Ettore Giammarco CF  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Jim Gladd C originally with 33rd Field Artillery
Jack Haley P  
Ken Heintzelman P originally with 65th Div
Louis Kauzlarich  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Russ Kern SS  
Garland Lawing LF  Post-war Major Leaguer
Earl Lindamood  P/OF  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Ancil Moore 3B  Post-war Major Leaguer
Andy Moroff
Marshall Nesmith RF  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Walter Olsen P  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Jackson Powell P  
Bob Ramazzotti SS  Post-war Major Leaguer
Rudy Rundus P  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Walter Smith C  
Tauzlarich C  
Milt Ticco 1B  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Ken Trinkle P originally with 76th Div
Maurice Van Robays OF originally with 1st Div
Harry Walker OF originally with 65th Div
Johnny Wyrostek CF  Pre and Post-war Major Leaguer
Benny Zientara 2B  Pre and Post-war Major Leaguer
76th Infantry Division Onaways  1945    
Bridgen OF  
Bundrick (Bundirck) IF  
Certosimo OF  
Cinholm Manager  
Cinquemani Trainer  
Bill Evans P  Post-war Major League
Delbert Friar C  Pre- and Post-war Minors
August Hixson C/OF  Pre-war Minors
Henrikson P  
Hricinak OF  
Krebs OF  Possibly Elmer Krebbs
Loik P  
Clarence Maddern OF  Post-war Major Leaguer
Bill Mayr (Meyers) (Meyer) 1B
Lawrence McNeely SS  Pre- and Post-war Minors
Tommy Reis P/1B  Pre-war Major Leaguer
Bama Rowell OF/Manager  Pre- and Post-war Major Leaguer
Bob Samel P  Pre- and Post-war Minors
Sams 3B  
Cecil Travis SS  Pre- and Post-war Major Leaguer
Ken Trinkle P Played with 71st Div in ETO World Series
Wicker P  
91st Infantry Division Travelers 1944 (NATOUSA Champions)
Bill Burich 3B Pre- and Post-war Major Leaguer
Raymond Danner C Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Armando Dominquez OF Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Jimmy Estrada 2B Pre- and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Larry Guay P Pre- and Post-war Minor Leaguer
William "Bud" Hardin SS Post-war Major Leaguer
Bob Harrison OF Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Roy J Harrison Coach  
Hank Neumann P Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Arthur Parker 1B Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Edgar Smith P Pre- and Post-war Major Leaguer
Stanley Stencel OF Pre-war Minor Leaguer
92nd Infantry Division 1945 (MTO Champions)
R.S. Pritchett P born Alabama 1922
Bob Branson P semi-pro Spartanburg Sluggers
Willis "Red" Applegate P Newark Eagles
Johnny L. Hundley 2B Cleveland Buckeyes
J. Quincy "Bud" Barbee 1B Baltimore Elite Giants
James E. "Joe" Greene C Kansas City Monarchs
Gonsalvo C. Collins LF Born South Carolina 1922
Joseph J. Siddle 1B Kansas City Monarchs
Robert A. "Bobby" Givehand   Born Missouri 1918
Isaac L. Wheeler   Born Louisiana 1913
Tom Davis P  
Cecil Walker Manager  
Following players joined the 92nd Infantry Division team when they played the ETO champions in late September 1945
Leon I. McCaskill 3B Played at University of North Carolina (62nd TCG)
Henry Olshewsky P  
Daniel J. Perlmutter 1B Post-war minor leaguer
Chuck Frank P (Penninsular Base Section)
Paul Lange(e) P Minor leaguer
Frank Fot    
Jake Yentis SS (3141st Signal Service Group)
Milburn J. Ponder 2B (3141st Signal Service Group)
Rufus C. "R.C." Parsons OF 2nd Bomb Group
Roger Moore C (62nd TCG)
103rd Infantry Division 1945    
Herb Karpel P  
Andy Lapihuska P  
Bill Solokar P  
Andy Riggs C  
Roland Krause    
106th Infantry Division Cubs (Germany) 1945  
Frank Beaty P  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Clifford Blake OF  Post-war Minor Leaguer
William Bohn OF  
Theo Brandolini 1B  
Richard Burse P  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Hays Copeland C  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
John Daniels Manager  
Harry Donabedian SS  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Edward Feinberg 2B  Pre-war Major Leaguer
Ernest Finnegan C  
Raymond Hammonds OF  
Albert Kubski OF  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Arthur Letcher P  
James Maloney P  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Tom Ostrowski 1B  
Robert Schmidt 3B  
Leon Sherer P  
Frank Sokol P  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Jack Southwick P  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Henry Werner Trainer  
Claude Wright OF  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
116th Infantry Regiment Yankees (ETO World Series Champions, England) 1943
Lou Alberigo 3B  
Wilburt Allan C  
Robert Cleer OF  Pre-war Minors
John Crenshaw    
Adam Decker    
Frank Draper CF  
Doug Gillette Manager/P  Pre-war Minors
Carl Grimes P  
Joseph Gubernot SS  
Robert Keller 2B  
James Mabes Coach  
Robert Marsico C  
George McManus OF  
Joe Pellegrini    
Carl “Chubby” Proffit 1B
Dante Roitero P  
William Rowell    
Maurice Williams P  
Pride Wingfield    
Elmer Wright P  Pre-war Minors
Beech Hill Marines (USNOB League Champions, N Ireland) 1943 and 1944
Leslie Akens OF  
George Bailey C  
Harold "Hal" Barney P Selfridge Field, MI
Lou Buontony 1B  
Andy Devine   Boston, MA
Henry "Hank" Dobkowski OF  
Flynn P  
“Black Jack” Halford OF  
Cloyd Hamm 2B  Washington, DC
Robert “Red” Kimball P  Marion, SC
Allen Marsh OF  Grand Rapids, MI
Sam McAllister 1B  Charlotte, NC
Pelligrino 2B  
Frank Pietrich SS  
Pappy Potter OF  
Warren J "Bill or Sunny” Robinson Manager  Altoona, PA
Savikas C  
Shriever OF  
“Rubber Arm” Tewksbury P  
Mark Titler P Brownsville, PA
Charles Ziober P  Irvington, NJ
USNOB Londonderry (Northern Ireland) 1943 and 1944
Lou Buontony 1B  
Cerreghino CF  
Lefty Conville P  
George Ertell SS-P Brooklyn, NY
Tom Evans P Charlotte, NC
Kauffman   Humansville, MO
Arnold Kinney P Erie, PA
Ski "Chattanooga Choochoo" Pekarovits P Lorain, OH
George Pellend 2B  
Pelligrino 2B Brooklyn, NY
Lou Skarda    
CBS Clowns (London, England) 1943-1944
Edward Baydala INF  
George Burns 1B  
Michael Demchek OF  
Chuck Eisenmann Manager/P  
Amey Fontana RF  
Harold Fouts C  
Pete Galuska OF/INF  
Goran LF  
Harvey Graybill P/OF  
Joe Hunt OF  
Ray Kasznia 3B  
Lou Kelley CF  
Bobby Korisher 2B  
John Miller P  
Fred Monje SS  
Clair Morgart 3B  
James Parker OF  
Pete Pavich SS  
Pustas P  
Sabotta 3B  
Myron Scow P  
Senko C  
Frank Sterm 3B  
Greys (London, England) June 17, 1945
Bill Lobe C  Pre-war Minors - Post-war ML coach
Ted Kleinhans P  Pre-war Major Leaguer
Fred Osborn P  
Don Smith P  Negro Leaguer
Paul Campbell 1B  Pre- and Post-war Major Leaguer
Henry Loman 2B  Pre- and Post-war Minors
Dan Carnevale SS  Minor Leaguer - Post-war ML coach
Pete Dambrosio 3B  
Charles Podolak OF  
William Wright OF  
Garrison 2B  
Louis Edwards C  
Thomas Daddino OF  Pre- and Post-war Minors
Tobias Grabel OF  
Harry Hendershot OF  Pre- and Post-war Minors
Skiffington P  
Joseph T Stumm Coach  
Donald Harkness C  
Lou Kelley OF  
Whites (London, England) June 17, 1945  
Edde Sieber C  
Fran Hecker P  Pre- and Post-war Minors
Ralph Ifft P  Pre- and Post-war Minors
John Chopick P  
Stan Kaczynski 1B-OF  
Walter Palcher 2B  
Pete Pierce 3B  Pre-war Minors
Bernard Smith SS  Post-war Minors
Gene Thompson OF  Pre-and Post-war Minors
George Yarde OF  
Ted Dixon OF  Pre-and Post-war Minors
Armen Milton C  
Wolf P  
Mike Mileusnich Coach  
Maurice Hurley P  
Ed Zydowsky C Pre- and Post-war Minors
Richard Georgia IF  
UK All-Stars 1945    
Ralph Ifft P  
Don Smith P  
Fred Osborn P  
Dan Carnevale SS  
Harry Hendershot OF  
Louis Edwards C  
Thomas Daddino OF  
T J Stumm Coach  
Pete Pierce 3B  
Mike Mileuesnevich Coach  
John Chopick P  
Ted Dixon OF  
Henry Loman 2B  
Walter Palcher 2B  
Fran Hecker P  
Oise All-Stars (Com Z Champions) 1945
Emmet Altenberg LF  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Russ Bauers P  Pre and Post-war Major Leaguer
Willard Brown LF  Post-war Major Leaguer
Leon Day P  Pre and Post-war Negro Leaguer
Mervin Gluckson P  
Joe Hermann CF  
Harold High 2B  
Tony Jaros 1B  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Robert Keane P  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Nick Macone CF  Pre-war Minor Leaguer
Roy Marion 3B  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
Sam Nahem Manager/P  Pre and Post-war Major Leaguer
Lew Richardson C  Pre and Post-war Major Leaguer
Frank Smoyda    
The following players from 71st Div joined Oise for MTO Series
Ewell Blackwell P  
Ken Heintzelman P  
Garland Lawing OF  
Maurice Van Robays OF  
Harry Walker OF  
Bennie Zientara 2B  
Seine Base Clowns (Paris, France) 1945
Morris Axelrod    
George W. Burns 1B  
Edward W. Butcher    
Lynn D. "Buck" Compton C  
Michael Demchek OF  
William Duncan, Jr.    
Charles P. "Chuck" Eisenmann Manager/P  Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
William J. Ferrell    
Amey N. Fontana OF  
Paul W. Gassaway    
Anthony "Tony" Jaros 1B  Post-war Minor Leaguer
Joseph M. Krol    Pre and Post-war Minor Leaguer
William Kufta    Pre-war Minor Leaguer
John M. McCulley    
Robert F. Mikolajczak    
James A. Parker    
Jack Ruskin    
Stanley L. Swaverly    
John R. Wilson    
US Ground Force All-Professional (London, England) 1943
Albert Brusko OF Youngston, OH (minor leaguer)
Richard Catalano OF Wakefield, MA (minor leaguer)
Raymond Coyle OF Zanesville, OH
William Dwyer 2B Long Island, NY
Chuck Eisenmann Coach (minor leaguer)
Walter Hemperly 3B Lancaster, PA (minor leaguer)
Ralph Ifft P Zelienople, PA (minor leaguer)
Maurice Jacobs 3B Baltimore, MD(minor leaguer)
Lou Kelley OF Stoughton, MA
Robert Korisher 2B Scranton, PA
Joseph Multa OF Pittsburgh, PA
Walt Novick C East Walpole, MA (minor leaguer)
Joe O’Donnell 1B Bronx, NY
Pete Pavich SS South Amboy, NJ (minor leaguer)
Norman Russell P Grampian, PA (minor leaguer)
Jules “Red” Shapiro Manager New York, NY
Henry Smith OF San Diego, CA
Lou Thuman P Washington Senators
T/Sgt Lee Taggert 3B Detroit, MI
Harold Fouts C Camden, MI
William Plankey OF Russell, MA
George Burns 1B Sylacauga, AL
US Eighth Air Force All-Professional (London, England) 1943
Louis Anschultz P  
James Beane C  
William Brech P  
Frank Burger 3B  
Paul Campbell OF  
Andy Dzuris SS  
Nick Fracaro OF  
Ed Gatlin C  
Jack Gaston OF  
Joe Gradisher 3B  
Ross Grimsley P  
Hugh Gustafson 1B  
Ed Hawkins OF  
John Kilroy OF  
Floyd Lancaster 2B  
Bill Moore Manager  
Joe Rundus P  
Alfred Slakis SS  
Stanley Stuka C  
Lou Tabor P  
Gene Thompson OF  
Larry Toth 2B  
Jim Vance  C  
Montie Weaver Coach  
G-45 General Depot, Thatcham, Berkshire, England, 1944 (ETO Ground Forces Champions)
Siliuski SS  
Kudlati LF  
Sam Cozzi 3B  
Holliday C  
Dehner P  
Remuack CF  
Cauthols 2B  
Osborne RF  
Richards 1B  
Burtonwood Bearcats (1st Base Air Depot, USAAF) Warrington, Lancashire - 1944
Cochrane RF possibly minor leaguer Fred Cochrane
Werner CF  
Keller LF  
Samsel LF/2B  
Melinski 3B/2B possibly minor leaguer Leo Melinski
Bobin C  
Van Atta 2B  
Mosce 2B/RF  
Clark SS  
Ellerber (Ellbree) SS  
Cantrell 1B  
Jordan 1B  
Rod Sooter P  
Dworski P  
Pertel P  
901st Engineers (USAAF) Bushy Park, London - 1944
Wroblewski SS  
Jamros 2B  
Kilroy CF/1B  
Burger 3B  
Rogers C  
Sleik RF  
Gyorfi P  
Klopfer 1B/LF  
Pryce LF  
Sweetland RF  
Sikorski CF  
Messina 2B  
78th Fighter Group Thunderbolts - 1944
Deleest 2B  
Hussa 2B  
Yerke CF  
Davidson SS  
Letsinger 1B  
Cottenden LF  
Ford RF  
Ricket RF  
Darrel 3B  
Sepeal 3B  
Kopperud C  
Mauro Ducca P  
Prana C  
Eighth Air Force Bomber Command Bombers - 1943
Ross Grimsley P  
Nick Fracaro OF  
Grady "Red" Corriher OF  
Joe Gradisher 3B  
James H. Roughton SS  
Jim Beane C  
Dave Mace P  
John J. Loboda 2B  
Clarence Lay OF  
Louis Cornibert Mgr  
Eugene Lynch 1B  
Anthony Consolino    
Eighth Air Force Bomber Command Bombers - 1944
Eugene Lynch 1B  
Huffman 2B  
Willhoyt 3B  
Nick Fracaro CF  
Joe Gradisher RF  
Jim Roughton SS  
Bung LF  
Pollack C  
Ross Grimsley P  
SHAEF Yanks - 1944
Ricko SS/P  
Wickley 3B  
Peterson 2B  
Tony Jaros 1B/SS  
Even P/1B  
Vitek LF  
Vologarski CF  
Biolarski C  
Dinsmore RF  
USSTAF Air Service Command - 1944
Maxwell 2B  
Troecheck RF  
Bell 3B  
Ditmyer LF  
Hrabak 1B  
Turnoch SS  
Schmidt CF  
Waleski C  
Mueller P  
1st General Hospital - England 1944
Cleary 2B  
Amaenz SS  
Denehak LF  
Escabae 1B  
Degoire C  
Chuck Eisenmann P  
Seruggs RF  
Zitka CF  
Rigo 3B  
Eighth Air Force Fighter Command - 1944
Colich 2B  
Kyle 1B  
Barry C  
Drost SS  
Hinds 3B  
Rohenbrod LF  
Bazan RF  
Herbal CF  
Steppler P  
827th Signal Battalion Monarchs - London International Baseball League Champions 1943
Joseph Summerell OF  
Fred Brandt OF  
Robert Korisher 2B  
Richard Roberts 3B  
Lou Kelley OF/P  
Charles McGowan Utility  
Frank Partyka C  
Chuck Eisenmann P  
Bill Stoddard 1B  
John Farrell SS  
Craig Penrose Utility  
Ferrans Utility  
Kulscar Utility  
1st Canadian General Hospital - London International Baseball League 1943
Russ Richardson RF Victoria, BC
Edwin Eberlin CF Montreal, Quebec
Kelly McClelland 2B Saskatchewan
Herb Firby SS Regina
Les Ranger 1B Montreal, Quebec
Percy "Mac" MacDonald C Montreal, Quebec
Leo Curtis P Orange, MA
Bill Thorne LF Toronto, Ontario
Bill Pollock 3B (cptn) London, Ontario
Howard Lett Utility Regina
Jack OF  
Max "Moose" Guyitt Utility London, Ontario
Ted Brooks   Toronto, Ontario
Bill Gerringer   Toronto, Ontario
Mac MacRae   Montreal, Quebec
L. J. Quinn Manager Montreal, Quebec
E. P. Stewart Coach Montreal, Quebec
USSTAF Air Transport Heston Wolves - 1944
Fred Clark 1B Brooklyn, NY
John DiLoreto 2B New York, NY
W. Bashat 3B

New York, NY

C. Cisernos SS Paqua, NM
Joe Watson OF New York, NY
W. Webster OF New York, NY
M. Shapiro OF New York, NY
J. Anderson C New York, NY
Lou Ginnis P New York, NY
Ray Neault Utility New York, NY
Gus Frenchi Utility Los Angeles, CA
Albert Plaut Manager New York, NY
988th Military Police, Aviation - 1944 ETO Champions
Dick Hacker   East Greenbush, NY
Joe Suchta   Lilly, PA



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