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Below are some of the military team line-ups I have gathered over the years. If you have a service team line-up you would like to add to this page please email it to me and I'll add it today.


North America

508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Red Devils (Camp Mackall, North Carolina)  1943
Frank Labuda Pioneer League (1942)
Joseph L. Laky from Ottawa, Illinois
Howard Smith possibly Cardinals organization
John T. M. Barry from Bronx, New York
John Gieb
Adolph F. "Bud" Warnecke from Fayetteville, North Carolina
William F. Wall
James E. Beckham
John D. Kersh
Russ Barton
William Sauer
William M. Dagon from Hillsboro, Illinois
Ralph Busson from Doylestown, Ohio
George Kincaid
John McNicholas OF Canadian-American League (1942)
Abraham Axelrod
Okey A. Mills P from Crab Orchard, West Virginia
George A. Shenkle from Woodbury, New Jersey
Forrest V. "Lefty" Brewer P from Jacksonville, Florida
Orbie King
Lt. Francis Bolger 508th Athletic Officer
Ray Brown from Vivian, Louisiana
Joseph "Jack" Bonvillian from Shreveport, Louisiana
Francis Shank OF Ohio State League (1941)
Walter R. Lupton from Springfield Gardens, New York
76th Infantry Division (Camp McCoy, Wisconsin) 1944
Cecil Travis 3B 1933 to 1947 Majors
Bama Rowell 2B 1939 to 1948 Majors
Clarence Maddern OF 1946 to 1951 Majors
Del Friar C Pre-Post War Minors
Larry McNeely SS Pre-Post War Minors
Bill Meyer 1B
Mike Rollins OF Pre-Post War Minors
Les Rice OF
Matty Certismo OF
Bill Cox P
Frank Dranginis Mgr
Bainbridge Naval Training Center (Maryland) 1944
Raymond "Bobby" Coombs P 1933 to 1943 Majors
Ernie Sites 3B/OF Pre-Post War Minors
Mike Azzone   Post-War Minors
Dick Bartell IF 1927 to 1946 Majors
Jerry O'Brien Mgr  
Elbie Fletcher 1B 1933 to 1949 Majors
Roy Boles P Pre-Post War Minors
Horace "Al" Brightman C Pre-Post War Minors
Verne Richards C Pre-War Minors
Babe Paul 3B Pre-War Minors
Manuel Fernandez C Pre-Post War Minors
Fred Chapman SS 1939 to 1941 Majors
Buddy Blattner IF 1942 to 1949 Majors
Maxie Wilson P 1940 to 1946 Majors
Wes Livengood P 1939 Majors
Dick Morgan    
Dick Sisler 1B/OF 1946 to 1953 Majors
Sherrard Robertson    
Bob Scheffing C 1941 to 1951 Majors
Ray Lucas Asst. Mgr  
Buckley Field Falcons (Buckley Field, Colorado) 1945
Burgess Whitehead 2B-Coach 1933 to 1946 Majors
Ed Antolini P
Lee Grissom P 1934 to 1941 Majors
Eddie Ehlers 3B Post-War Minors
Jerry Silverman OF Post-War Minors
Tom Kleppe SS
Joe Basile 1B Pre-Post War Minors
Irv Austin OF
Marty Pace OF
Gene Ritzenthaler C Pre-Post War Minors
J. Rogers OF
Camp Gordon Johnson Commandoes (Carabelle, Florida) 1943
Smith 2B  
Revello OF  
Kiel 3B  
Cuzzio 1B  
Parham SS  
Uptmor C  
Sawtucco OF  
Rokicki OF  
DeAngelo OF  
Kosy P  
Tohill P  
Camp Wallace Anti-Aircrafters (Galveston, Texas) 1943
Ernie Peters P Pre-War Minors
Joe Szuch OF Pre-Post War Minors
Jimmy "Deacon" Delmore OF/P
John Kulpinski C Pre-War Minors
Harry Tannehill 1B Pre-War Minors
Montgomery 2B
Jack Smiley OF/P
Divers 3B
George Alexander OF/Mgr
Michael Barbolla P Pre-War Minors
Myles Korsch 2B Pre-War Minors
Leonard Kovalski C Pre-War Minors
Lou Rogino IF Pre-Post War Minors
Homer Shadle
Erwin Wroblewski SS Pre-War Minors
George Rife
Mike Balsrack
H. I. Davis Coach
Henry Crabtree
William Barnes
Lester Worcester
Pete Buyas
Ernest Davis
Camp Wheeler Spokes (Macon, Georgia) 1943
Ken Jungels P 1937 to 1942 Majors
Ralph "Babe" Ellis OF Pre-Post War Minors
Jim Oglesby 1B 1936 Majors
Forrest "Buck" Zeiger P Pre-Post War Minors
John Haley P Pre-Post War Minors
Hank Valco
Lamar Zimmerman OF Pre-War Minors (Killed in Action)
Whitey Bahrinski
Tony Sabol OF/2B Pre-Post War Minors
Cecil Travis SS/3B 1933 to 1947 Majors
Milt Rosner Post-War Minors
Emil "Mike" Kreshka OF Pre-Post War Minors
Harry Jordan P Pre-Post War Minors
Walter Lance 1B Pre-Post War Minors
Leon Scherer P Pre-Post War Minors
Bill Donica 1B Post-War Minors
Buddy Riley Batboy
Louis Isert C Pre-Post War Minors
Jennings Edwards
Chapel Hill Cloudbusters (Chapel Hill Pre-Flight School, North Carolina) 1943
Ted Williams OF 1939 to 1960 Majors
Victor Bradford OF 1943 Majors
John Kispert
Johnny Sain P 1942 to 1955 Majors
Joe Coleman P 1942 to 1955 Majors
Allen "Dusty" Cooke OF 1930 to 1938 Majors
Robert "Ace" Williams P 1940 to 1946 Majors
Joe Cusick C Pre-Post War Minors
John Kettle
Lewis Powers
Joe Malone
Paul Gallagher Mgr
Ed Moriarty 2B 1935 to 1936 Majors
John "Buddy" Hassett 1B 1936 to 1942 Majors
Johnny Pesky SS 1942 to 1954 Majors
George Kepler Head Coach
Alex Sabo C 1936 to 1937 Majors
Andy Pilney OF 1936 Majors
Tom Ravashiere Post-War Minor League Umpire
Lewis "Buddy" Gremp 1940 to 1942 Majors
E. L. Anderson
Earl Stewart
Robert Carney
Harry Craft OF 1937 to 1942 Majors
Clayton Whiseman 2B Post-War Minors
Robert Sampson
Gunner Hagstrom Williams College
J. E. O'Grady
Jimmy Raugh Batboy
Drew Field Signal Corps Interceptors (Tamps, Florida) 1943
Vito Tamulis P 1934 to 1941 Majors
Petite SS/OF  
Brown 3B/)F  
Ready 1B  
Chet Thomas C/Mgr  
McAtee OF  
Hogan OF  
Libby 2B  
Al Bentz P  
Toomin OF  
Vincent Harriman 3B/SS Pre-War Minors
Homer Johnson 1B  
Mullins SS  
Rushing OF  
Harden P  
Knott P  
Irving Messing C  
Eglin Field (Fort Walton Beach, Florida) 1943
Hillman OF  
John Lasplaces 2B Pre-Post War Minors
Kozusko OF  
Kress 1B  
Kendricks SS  
Early OF  
Carmody 3B  
Luciano C  
Zachell P  
Ellyson Field Naval Auxiliary Air Station (Florida) 1943
Zorich 1B/OF  
Sovanski OF  
Weaver 3B  
Herman Franks C 1939 to 1949 Majors
Long OF  
Scott SS  
Donofrio 2B  
Wolfe OF  
Higdon P  
Spellman 3B/SS  
Smith 1B  
Kierner P  
Weise OF  
Junior Birr OF/P  
Brannon 1B  
Eberhart SS  
Enid Army Flying School Enidairs (Enid, Oklahoma) 1944
M/Sgt B. D. Booth Coach
Bill Hankins Coach/C/OF Pre-Post War Minors
Nick Popovich P Pre-Post War Minors
Carl Keeter P Pre-War Minors
Claude Gilchrist 1B
Monty Basgall 2B Post-War Majors
Ray Honeycutt 3B Pre-Post War Minors
Odie Strain SS Pre-Post War Minors
Cot Deal OF/P 1947 to 1954 Majors
Lew Morton OF
Mel Pickens Utility
Fort Benning Rifles (Columbus, Georgia) 1943
Carroll Gazzaro SS  
Francis Whalen 2B Post-War Minors
James Carney 2B Post-War Minors
James C. Smithers SS  
Charles Coley 1B/OF  
William C. Andrews C  
Paul A. Sorrels 3B  
William "Leroy" Bessinger P Pre-War Minors
Jack Weston OF/P Pre-War Minors
Wright OF  
Struckl OF  
Berry 1B  
Colcy OF  
Rozak C  
Bach 2B  
Fort Crockett (Galveston, Texas) 1943
Joe Messina 2B
Johnny Phillips SS
Pete Calabrese OF
Louis von Oehsen 3B
Clark Wise IF
Gus Holloman OF
Robert Donovan P
Roscoe Alexander 1B
Bob Weyrauch P Pre-War Minors
Virgil Popp C
Floyd Moore OF
Hayes Spelman P/Mgr
Clarence Russell OF
Hayslip OF
Reynolds OF
Kayapou OF
Bertke 1B
Conroy C
Padgett OF
La Perle 1B
Fort Monmouth All-Stars (New Jersey) 1943 and 1944
Marius Russo P/1B/OF Pre-Post 1939 to 1946 Majors
John Mikan P Pre-Post War Minors
Clayton Van Cott P Pre-Post War Minors
Hank Soven P Pre-Post War Minors
Lt Charles Bernhardt Coach
Ira "Whitey" Mellor SS Pre-Post War Minors
Preston Lawler 2B
Don Richmond CF Pre-Post War Minors
Clay Kerley LF
Warren Smyth C
Roy Tarr 3B Pre-War Minors
Ian Murray 1B
Bob Low RF
Lou Hirschler C
Eddie Durkin 3B Pre-War Minors
Kuscavage LF
Everett "Red" Kimball P
Wally Frederick 3B Pre-War Minors
Joe Budzin LF Possibly Budzin who played Post-War Minors
Williams 1B
Sheriff LF
Joe Merrigan C
Roy Bean RF Post-War Minors
Galveston Army Airfield Bombers (Texas) 1943
Kirk OF
George Donnelly 1B/Mgr
Alvis Taylor P
Dibelka P/OF
Slonska C
Mancuso C
Hill OF
Dorr 2B
Martin OF
Greene OF
Bisulca OF
Gall IF
Howarth SS
Volk 2B
Landry SS
Teiffer P
McConnell P
Galveston Coast Guard (Texas) 1943
Bob Hall P
Lewis D'Antonio 1B Pre-War Minors
Bill McClendon OF
Andy Miller 2B
Lehman 3B
Tomlinson 1B
Mop Brown C
Hall P
Bill "Stubby" Greer Mgr/SS Pre-Post War Minors
Carroll OF
Tommy Simone OF Pre-Post War Minors
Cliff Hutto P
Schwing SS
McBride OF
Jimmy Ryan Mgr
Gowen Field Pilots (Boise, Idaho) 1944
Hoffman 3B
Greene 1B
Kontos OF
Roberts OF
Slifke SS
Swayze 2B
Bakunas OF
Al Bodney C
Dewey Melton P Post-War Minors
Francis "Whitey" Konick P Pre-Post War Minors
Great Lakes Bluejackets (Great Lakes NTS, Illinois) 1942
Al Barkus P Pre-Post War Minors
Clifford Clay P Pre-War Minors
Don Dunker P Post-War Minors
Herman Fishman P Pre-War Minors
Don Godfredson P Pre-Post War Minors
Dick Klein P Pre-War Minors
Russell Meers P 1941 to 1947 Majors
James Reninger P 1938 to 1939 Majors
John Rigney P 1937 to 1947 Majors
George Rung P  
Fred "Joseph" Shaffer P Pre-War Minors
Lee Williams P Pre-War Minors
Hugh Dickey C Illinois Wesleyan University
Sam Harshaney C 1937 to 1940 Majors
Frank Pytlak C 1932 to 1946 Majors
Ernie Andres 3B 1946 Majors
Paul Christman IF University of Missouri
Chet Hajduk OF/1B 1941 Majors
Johnny Lucadello 2B 1938 to 1947 Majors
Benny McCoy 2B 1938 to 1941 Majors
Mike Lurel IF Post-War Minors
Eddie Pellagrini IF 1946 to 1954 Majors
Jim Basso OF Pre-Post War Minors
Frank Baumholtz OF 1947 to 1957 Majors
Earle Bolyard OF Pre-Post War Minors
Jo Grace OF 1938 to 1947 Majors
Frank Marino OF/P Pre-Post War Minors
Donald Padgett OF/C 1937 to 1948 Majors
Mickey Cochrane Mgr 1925 to 1937 Majors
Great Lakes Bluejackets (Great Lakes NTS, Illinois) 1943
George Hader P Pre-Post War Minors
Warren "Sheriff" Robinson C Pre-Post War Minors
Henry Perry P Pre-Post War Minors
Marvin Felderman C 1942 Majors
Barney McCosky OF 1939 to 1953 Majors
Jack Hallett P 1940 to 1948 Majors
Carl Meyer Pre-War Minors
Fred "Joseph" Shaffer P Pre-War Minors
Joe Grace OF 1938 to 1947 Majors
Earle Bolyard OF Pre-Post War Minors
Johnny Mize 1B 1936 to 1953 Minors
Vern Olsen P 1939 to 1946 Majors
George Dickey C 1935 to 1947 Majors
Glenn McQuillen OF 1938 to 1947 Majors
Tom Ferrick P 1941 to 1952 Majors
Johnny Schmitz P 1941 to 1956 Majors
Bob Harris P 1938 to 1942 Majors
Frank Biscan P 1942 to 1948 Majors
Dennis "Red" Gleason C Pre-War Minors
Johnny Lucadello 2B 1938 to 1947 Majors
Chet Hajduk OF/1B 1941 Majors
Carl Fiore 3B Pre-Post War Minors
Tom Madden 3B Pre-Post War Minors
Red Nonnenkamp OF 1933 to 1940 Majors
Eddie Pellagrini IF 1946 to 1954 Majors
Mickey Cochrane Mgr 1925 to 1937 Majors
Donald Dunker P Post-War Minors
Jim Basso OF Pre-Post War Minors
Dan Casey OF Post-War Minors
Great Lakes Bluejackets (Great Lakes NTS, Illinois) 1944
William Brandt P 1941 to 1943 Majors
Si Johnson P 1928 to 1947 Majors
Bob Klinger P 1938 to 1947 Majors
Schoolboy Rowe P 1933 to 1949 Majors
Gene Thompson P 1939 to 1947 Majors
Jim Trexler P Pre-War Minors
Virgil Trucks P 1941 to 1958 Majors
Ed Weiland P 1940 to 1942 Majors
Bill Baker C 1940 to 1949 Majors
Joe Glenn C 1932 to 1940 Majors
Clyde McCullough C 1940 to 1956 Majors
Wally Millies C 1934 to 1941 Majors
Al Glossop 2B 1939 to 1946 Majors
Roy Hartsfield 2B 1950 to 1952 Majors
Billy  Herman 2B 1931 to 1947 Majors
Johnny McCarthy 1B 1934 to 1948 Majors
Pinky May 3B 1939 to 1943 Majors
Ned Harris OF 1941 to 1946 Majors
Whitey Platt OF 1942 to 1949 Majors
Ed Skladany OF/SS/1B Pre-Post War Minors
Dick  West OF 1938 to 1943 Majors
Gene Woodling OF 1943 to 1962 Majors
Mickey Cochrane Mgr 1925 to 1937 Majors
Great Lakes Bluejackets (Great Lakes NTS, Illinois) 1945
Bob Feller P/Mgr 1936 to 1956 Majors
Denny Galehouse   1934 to 1949 Majors
Johnny Gorsica   1940 to 1947 Majors
Merlyn Kleen   Post-War Minors
John Meketi   Pre-Post War Minors
Harry Collias C Post-War Minors
Walker Cooper C 1940 to 1957 Majors
William Droege C Pre-War Minors
Alvin Heller C  
John Morton C University of Missouri
Jim Rice C University of Iowa
Joseph Aliperto IF Pre-Post War Minors
Donald Burson IF Post-War Minors
Eddie Carnett 1B/OF 1941 to 1945 Majors
Charles Cupp 1B Pre-War Minors
Vern Hackbart IF Wisconsin amateur
Charles Hicks IF  
Pinky Higgins 3B 1930 to 1946 Majors
Ken Keltner 3B 1937 to 1950 Majors
Maurice Massa 2B Indiana semi-pro
Bill Morrill IF  
Melvin Riebe 2B Pre-War Minors
Theodore Swed 1B Pre-War Minors
Tom Upton SS 1950 to 1952 Majors
Lawrence Whalen 2B/SS Pre-Post War Minors
Hank Arft OF 1948 to 1952 Majors
Kenneth Griffith OF House of David
Johnny Groth OF 1946 to 1960 Majors
Donald Gugler OF/3B Pre-War Minors
Max Marshall OF 1942 to 1944 Majors
Bob Timyan OF Northwestern University
Greensboro ORD Tech-Hawks (Greensboro Overseas Replacement Depot, North Carolina) 1944
Barney DeForge P Pre-Post-War Minors
George Granger P Pre-War Minors
Jim Castiglia C 1942 Majors
Gene Kessler 1B Pre-War Minors
Hal Grossman 2B Pre-War Minors
Grady Hatton 3B 1946 to 1960 Majors
Walter "Tee" Frye SS Pre-Post War Minors
Charlie Tippi OF Post-War Minors
Lee Gamble OF 1935 to 1940 Majors
Taft Wright OF 1938 to 1949 Majors
Jacksonville Coast Guard Station (Florida) 1943
Hoffman OF  
Alexander 1B  
Dumance OF  
Barcco 2B  
Karpindi OF  
Dulaney C  
Williams 3B  
Witkowski SS  
Mull P  
McCaffrey P  
Jacksonville Naval Air Station Fliers (Florida) 1943
Martin McDonough Coach/3B  
Phil Miller P  
Quint Nelson P  
Johnny O'Donnell P  
Dave Hanley 3B  
Don Cross 2B Pre-Post War Minors
Joe Walsh SS 1938 Majors
Owen Reeves OF Pre-War Minors
Pat Colgan C Pre-Post War Minors
Joe Johnson OF  
Eddie Lyons 2B 1947 Majors
Charley Anastasio 1B/OF Post-War Minors
Gordon Clarke 1B Pre-War Minors
Erman Littlejohn P  
Bill Keith P  
Brooks Atchison P Southern Methodist University
Johnny Buckley P  
Larry King 3B/OF  
Harry Weis P  
Walt DeFreitas 3B Pre-Post War Minors
Jesse Cumby SS Pre-Post War Minors
Art Genzberg 1B  
Bob Malone P  
Dave Bride OF Pre-Post War Minors
Horace Lovelace P Post-War Minors
Jim Norvell OF  
Bob Vickery P Pre-Post War Minors
Billy Riggs    
Bev Moss    
Francis "Monk" Whitehart P Post-War Minors
Herb Teetsel SS New York semi-pro
Lambert Field Naval Air Station (St. Louis, Missouri) 1943
Babe Martin OF 1944 to 1953 Majors
Emil Kush P 1941 to 1949 Majors
Al Fisher P/OF/1B Pre-Post War Minors
Bob Scheffing C 1941 to 1951 Majors
Dick Sisler 1B/OF 1946 to 1953 Majors
Ralph Sacko
Bill Mueller OF 1942 to 1945 Majors
Buddy Blattner 2B/SS 1942 to 1949 Majors
Rody Ruttenbusch Coach
Johnny Berardino SS/2B 1939 to 1952 Majors
Frank "Skeeter" Scalzi IF 1939 Majors
Val Heim OF 1942 Majors
Hal Schumacher Mgr 1931 to 1946 Majors
Frank Mason
Robert Martin
Ken Olson P Post-War Minors
Bob Stapenhorst P Post-War Minors
Russ Nixon
Bill Messman
Robert Grant OF Pre-War Minors
Lincoln Army Airfield Wings (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1944
Whetstone OF
Russ Gresenz P Pre-War Minors
Greno "Buzz" Buzzinotti C Pre-War Minors
Chadwick IF
Doller Trainer
Bryant IF
Jim Marsh P Pre-War Minors
Addis OF
Schoonover C
Tatum IF
Harvey Brummett C Post-War Minors
Frank P
Gonzales IF
Salerno P
Mike Kornick OF Pre-War Minors
Red McSwain Mgr/OF Pre-War Minors
Emery IF
Mather Field (Sacramento, California) 1942
Granville Hunter SS
John Naranio 2B
Joe Marty OF/Mgr 1937 to 1941 Majors
Gene Kolb OF
Jack Burta OF
Vic Kornacki OF
Ralph Rodriguez 1B
Martin Brewton C
Russ Gresenz P Pre-War Minors
Al Logan
Frank Maniscalco
Clyde Johnson
Bill Hope
Eldon Lindsey
Leonard Rea
Adolph Bartkowski
Marion Stohch
Peter Brocim
Robert Bruckner Pre-War Minors
James Williams
Fred Schultz
McClellan Field Army Air Force (Sacramento, California) 1943
Charlie Silvera C 1948 to 1957 Majors
Walt Judnich OF 1940 to 1949 Majors
Bill Schmidt P Pre-War Minors
Malcolm Silva P Pre-War Minors
Kenny Butler OF Pre-War Minors
Carl DeRose P Pre-Post War Minors
Dario Lodigiani 3B 1938 to 1946 Majors
Vince Latino
Bob Dillinger 3B 1946 to 1951 Majors
Al Hanley Post-War Minors
Red Renfree Mgr
Mike Sypnicki
Ferris Fain 1B 1947 to 1955 Majors
Izzy Smith
Joe Marvelli Pre-War Minors
Norfolk Naval Training Station (Virginia)  1942
Maxie Wilson P 1940 to 1946 Majors
Hooks DeVaurs OF Pre-Post War Minors
Teddy Rosa IF Pre-Post War Minors
Gary Bodie Coach
Ace Parker IF 1937 to 1938 Majors
Clarence Stephens Asst Coach
Jimmy Brown OF
Bob Feller P 1936 to 1956 Majors
George Wolfman C Pre-War Minors
Hank Feimster P Pre-Post War Minors
Vinnie Smith C 1941 to 1946 Majors
Fred Hutchinson P 1939 to 1953 Majors
Jim Kane IF
Jimmy Ewell Trainer
Charlie Metelski 1B Pre-War Minors
Jim Carlin IF 1941 Majors
Fred Collins
Mel Preisbach OF
Jack Conway
Doug Hautz P
Carl Ray P
Sam Chapman
Carl Ray P
Nick Radunich P Pre-War Minors
Kirby Jordan OF Pre-Post War Minors
Ray Adkins IF Pre-War Minors
Al Lesko C Pre-War Minors
Panama City Naval Section Base (Florida) 1943
Lloyd 2B  
Lavoie SS  
Perry OF  
Doyle C  
Chumley OF  
Mattman 1B  
O'Brien 2B  
Taylor OF  
Corneau P  
Pasco Flyers (Pasco Naval Air Station, Pasco, Washington) 1943
Bob Kahle 3B 1938 Boston Bees
Johnny Bittner P Pre-Post War Minors
Edo Vanni OF Pre-Post War Minors
Danny Escobar OF/1B Pre-Post War Minors
Danny Amaral OF Pre-Post War Minors
Freddy Gay P Pre-Post War Minors
Hank Martinez 3B/2B Pre-War Minors
Mike Budnick P 1946-47 New York Giants
Dewey Soriano P Pre-Post War Minors
Pensacola Naval Air Station (Florida) 1943
Boden SS  
Burgess OF  
Weaver 3B  
Herman Franks C  
Twogood 1B  
Donofrio 2B  
Frank Jagodzinski OF Post-War Minors
Brannon OF  
Junior Birr P  
Czyzewski P  
Sampson Naval Training Station (New York)  1945
Peter Blumette P Pre-Post War Minors
Walter Brown P Post-war Major Leaguer
Eugene Collins P
Clem Dreiseward P 1944 to 1948 Majors
James C Davis P Pre-Post War Minors
Lewis Fauth P Pre-Post War Minors
Egon Feuker P Pre-Post War Minors
James Hickey P 1942 to 1944 Majors
Irving Karelis P Post-War Minors
James Konstanty P 1944 to 1956 Majors
Harry MacPherson P Pre-war Major Leaguer
William Mock P Pre-Post War Minors
Rudolph Parsons P Pre-Post War Minors
James Scott P Pre-Post War Minors
Mickey Owen C 1937 to 1954 Majors
Joseph Als C Pre-War Minors
Julius Laviano C Pre-Post War Minors
Edwin Oswald C Pre-Post War Minors
Anthony Ravish C Pre-Post War Minors
Roland Sabatini C Post-War Minors
John Baker INF
Eugene "Huck" Geary INF 1942 to 1943 Majors
Robert Kalbaugh INF Pre-Post War Minors
John Szajna INF Post-War Minors
Edward Yost INF 1944 to 1962 Majors
Frederick Gerken INF Pre-Post War Minors
Charles Barnes OF Pre-War Minors
William "Pete" Milne OF 1948 to 1950 Majors
James Murdaugh OF Pre-War Minors
Chester Ross OF 1939 to 1944 Majors
Richard Carter OF Pre-Post War Minors
St. Augustine Coast Guard All-Stars (Florida) 1943
Glen C. Cooper Coach
Doyle Lade P 1946 to 1950 Majors
Frankie Kaspar P
Merle Muhl P Pre-Post War Minors
Freddie Biggs P Pre-Post War Minors
John Hall P 1948 Majors
Red Oliver 1B
Joe Alfeld 2B
Joe Muffoletto 2B Pre-Post War Minors
Vin Doll 3B
Joe Vitari SS Pre-Post War Minors
Mel Krumm OF House of David
Marty Bucaro OF Pre-War Minors
Paul Haefmeister OF
Woody Harmon OF
Joe Mikan C
Don Dover C Bethany College
Al Chambers C
Service All-Stars Cleveland July 7, 1942
Vinnie Smith Norfolk NTS
Don Padgett Great Lakes NTS
Ernie Andres Great Lakes NTS
Herm Fishman Great Lakes NTS
Fred Schaffer Great Lakes NTS
Frankie Pytlak Great Lakes NTS
Russ Meers Great Lakes NTS
Johnny Lucadello Great Lakes NTS
Don Dunker Great Lakes NTS
OV Mulkey Great Lakes NTS
Fred Hutchinson Norfolk NTS
Sam Chapman NAS Washington
Bob Feller Norfolk NTS
George Earnshaw NAS Jacksonville
Mickey Cochrane Great Lakes NTS
Hank Gowdy
Joe Grace Great Lakes NTS
Cecil Travis Camp Wheeler
Mickey Harris Canal Zone
John Rigney Great Lakes NTS
Ken Silvestri Fort Custer
Pat Mullin New Cumberland
Johnny Sturm Jefferson Barracks
Sam Harshany Great Lakes NTS
Chet Hajduk Great Lakes NTS
Bob peterson Great Lakes NTS
John Grodzicki Fort Knox
Mush Esler Great Lakes NTS
Benny McCoy Great Lakes NTS
Emmett Mueller Jefferson Barracks
Morris Arnovich Jefferson Barracks
Sherman Field Fliers (Fort Leavenworth, Kansas) 1943
Jimmy Lucas SS
Frank "Casey" Wonka 2B Post-War Minors
Roy Musser OF Pre-Post War Minors
Russell "George" Burns OF Pre-Post War Minors
Frank Jeka 3B
Richard "Jerry" Kamler 1B Pre-Post War Minors
Jimmy Griffin C Pre-Post War Minors
Ralph Rosengarten P Pre-Post War Minors
Teddy Greble P Pre-Post War Minors
Marvin Blaine IF
Raymond Johnson P Pre-Post War Minors
Sherman Field Fliers (Fort Leavenworth, Kansas) 1943
Ned Tryon 1B Pre-Post War Minors
Frank Jeka 3B  
Raymond Johnson P Pre-Post War Minors
Russell "George" Burns OF Pre-Post War Minors
Ralph Rosengarten P Pre-Post War Minors
Jimmy Griffin C Pre-Post War Minors
Burl Storie C Pre-Post War Minors
Marvin Blaine IF  
David McDowell Batboy  
Richard "Jerry" Kamler 1B Pre-Post War Minors
Teddy Greble P Pre-Post War Minors
Clarence Spratt    
Frank "Casey" Wonka 2B Post-War Minors
Rex Twibell C Pre-War Minors
Herman Besse P 1940 to 1946 Majors
James Lucas   Post-War Minors
Tyndall Field Tornadoes (Panama City, Florida) 1943
Stanley J. Drongowski Coach Kent University
Johnny "Joe" Flanagan P  
Shea P  
Norman Southard P Pre-Post War Minors
Clyde Didier C Post-War Minors
Paul A. Brown 2B  
Eddie Matonak OF  
William Hines SS  
Herbert Anderson 3B Post-War Minors
Joe Sedmak 1B  
Abe Jackrel OF  
Lester Tarr OF  
Earl Landry 3B/OF  
Albert Balliet 1B/OF  
William Davis OF/P  
"Moon" Mullens P  
Cofer P  
Lou Edwards OF  
Woodrow Busby C/Mgr  
Ed "Zeke" Ellis OF  
Bobby Costigan 1B  
Nick Orange OF Pre-Post War Minors
Jim Manderson OF  
"Red" McLaughlin C  
Carl Juneau Mgr  
Max Senkinc OF  
Ed Donoway P  
Tyndall Field Tornadoes (Panama City, Florida) 1944
Eddie Matonak OF  
"Pat" Patterson 1B  
Allen C  
Billy Hines SS  
Paul A. Brown 2B  
Les Tarr OF  
Pelcynski OF  
O'Shields 3B  
Abe Jackrel OF/3B  
Freeman 2B  
Becker 3B  
Nick Orange OF Pre-Post War Minors
Jim Bailey SS  
Norman Southard P Pre-Post War Minors
Joe Glasser P  
Dale Livingston P Pre-Post War Minors
Johnny "Joe" Flanagan P  
Frank Uzonyi P Post-War Minors
Pranz P  
Al Feldman P  
Woodrow Busby C/Mgr  
Duffy P  
Dangler C  
Bill Mendleson 3B  
Erwin OF  
Simpson C  
Johnny Becker 3B  
Waco Army Flying School (Texas) 1943
Gil Turner OF Pre-Post War Minors
Jack English Post-War Minors
Hoot Evers OF 1941 to 1956 Majors
Sid Hudson P 1940 to 1954 Majors
Nick Popovich P Pre-Post War Minors
Bob Stone
Herbert Nordquist P Pre-Post War Minors
Birdie Tebbetts C 1936 to 1952 Majors
Louis Batterson 3B Pre-War Minors
Mike Popovich
Robert Birchfield OF/C Pre-War Minors
Alfred Kasparek P Post-War Minors
Lester Stephens
Bruce Campbell OF 1930 to 1942 Majors
Buster Mills OF 1934 to 1946 Majors
John Stewart
Leroy Conrad
Michael Mandjack P Pre-Post War Minors
Jake Berger
Ernest Nelson P Pre-Post War Minors
Bob Sherman
Ernest Dougherty
Central California Servicemen's League 1943
Camp Kohler
Hammer Field Bombers
Mather Field Fliers
McClellan Field Commanders
Merced Army Air Field Pilots
San Joaquin Valley League 1943
Camp Pinedale
Lemoore Field
4th Air Force Replacement Depot
Ogden Service League 1943
Ogden Arsenal
Hill Field Army
Hill Field Civilians
Navy Supply Depot
UASF Civilians
Ogden Service League 1945
Bushnell Hospital
Railroad Boosters
Hill Field Army
Navy Barracks
Utah ASF Depot
Ogden Arsenal
Union Pacific Shops
Navy Civilians
Hill Field Aces
Hill Field Trotters
Galveston Service Baseball League 1943
Camp Wallace
Coast Guard
Fort Crockett
Galveston Army Air Field
Galveston Service Baseball League 1944 and 1945
10th Anti-Submarine Squadron USAAF
Camp Wallace
Coast Guard
Falstaff (civilian)
Fort Crockett
Naval Section Base
Inter-Service Baseball League (Winnipeg, Manitoba) 1944
Canadian Army
No 8 Repair Depot
US Army
No 3 Wireless
No 5 AOS
No 7 Equipment
Flying Training Service Baseball League (Alabama) 1945
Napier Field Gruffies
Maxwell Field
Gunter Field
Spence Field
Tyndall Field
Turner Field
Virginia Service Baseball League 1945
Fort Story
Fort Monroe
Langley Field
Camp Peary
Armed Guard School of Camp Shelton
Naval Landing Force Equipment Depot
Camp Bradford
5th Naval District Shore Patrol



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