Baseball in Wartime

Baseball's Greatest Sacrifice

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Having researched wartime baseball for more than a decade, I have accumulated a vast amount of information on many of the men who served with the military and played baseball in some capacity. I have decided that the best way to display this information is in an alphabetic format by player name.

You will find players of all calibres here - major leaguers, minor leaguers, college players, high school players and sandlot ballplayers. But they all have one thing in common - they love baseball and, somehow, found time to play ball while serving with the military.

If you are looking for information on a particular player then let me know and I will gladly see what I have.

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* denotes lost their life in WWII


Name Experience Service Location
Herb Allen Semi-Pro USAAF ETO
Edward Baydala Semi-Pro US Army ETO
Sheldon Bowen Semi-Pro US Army ETO/MTO
Bill Brech Semi-Pro USAAF ETO
Roy Bullymont Semi-Pro USAAF ETO
George Burns Minor League US Army ETO
John Chopick Semi-Pro US Army ETO
John Corbett Semi-Pro USAAF ETO
Boyd Durrant Semi-Pro USAAF ETO
Amey Fontana Semi-Pro US Army ETO
Nick Fracaro Semi-Pro USAAF ETO
Jack Gaston Semi-Pro USAAF ETO
Ed Gatlin Semi-Pro USAAF ETO
Pete Giovanella Semi-Pro Canadian Army ETO
Darrell Heath Semi-Pro USMC Pacific
Okey Mills Semi-Pro US Army ETO
Eddie Sieber Semi-Pro US Army ETO

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