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Al Jurisich


Date and Place of Birth: August 25, 1921 New Orleans, Louisiana

Died: November 3, 1981 New Orleans, Louisiana

Baseball Experience: Major League
Military Unit:
US Coast Guard

Area Served: United States

Al JurisichAlvin J "Al" Jurisich was with the Pelicans from 1939 to 1942. He entered military service with the Coast Guard in August 1942 and was stationed in New Orleans.

Discharged from service in 1944, he joined the St Louis Cardinals primarily as a relief pitcher. He was purchased by the Phillies in 1946 and joined the San Diego Padres in the Pacific Coast League in 1948.

Jurisich enjoyed four seasons with the Padres and retired from baseball after the 1951 season.

Al Jurisich passed away in New Orleans on November 3, 1981. He was 60.

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