Baseball in Wartime

Baseball's Greatest Sacrifice

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Billy DeMars

Date and Place of Birth: August 26, 1925 Brooklyn, NY

Baseball Experience: Major League


Military Unit: US Navy

Area Served: United States


William L. "Billy" DeMars had played a season as a shortstop in the Brooklyn Dodgers system before entering service with the Navy in 1944. He served as a radioman on a Consolidated PBY Catalina search and rescue amphibious airplane, and returned to baseball in 1946. DeMars made his major league debut with the Athletics in May 1948 and played a career-high 61 games for the Browns in 1950. After managing in the minors during the 1950s and 1960s, he was a coach for the Phillies, Expos and Reds during the 1980s.

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