Baseball in Wartime

Baseball's Greatest Sacrifice

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Elmer Schlueter


Born: October 15, 1920 Westphalia, Missouri

Died: December 8, 2002

Position: Second Base

Rank: Specialist First Class
Military Service: Naval Security Group, US

Location: United States and Pacific Theater of Operations

Elmer J. Schlueter was born on October 15, 1920 in Westphalia, Missouri, where he grew up playing baseball. During World War II he worked as an IBM machine operater in the US Navy's secret codebreaking unit (OP-20-G) in Washington, Melbourne, Australia and in Hawaii. He played with the "Ramblers" ball team while in DC. He played with the "Cruisers" in Hawaii in 1945. The "Cruisers" were made up of FRUPAC (Fleet Radio Unit Pacific) staff most of whom lived at Aiea Barracks.

After the war he played with the Westphalia Bearcats for several years, a team made up mostly of veterans from that town. Jim Kremer, a Navy vet, said Elmer was one of the best second baseman he had ever seen and should have went on to play professional baseball.

Elmer Schlueter passed away on December 8, 2002.

Thanks to Elmer's son, Jim, for help with this biography.

Created January 25, 2011.


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