Baseball in Wartime

Baseball's Greatest Sacrifice


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Living Major League Veterans of WWII
Here are the names of the living major league players, managers and coaches who served with the armed forces during World War II
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January 2016 edition of the Baseball in Wartime Newsletter
First Name Last Name Service
Richard L. "Dick" Adams USAAF
Robert G. "Bob" Addis USMC
Victor D "Vic" Barnhart Army
Cornelius J. "Neil" Berry USAAF
Cloyd V. Boyer Navy
Robert W "Bobby" Brown Navy
Frederick J.  Caligiuri Army
Edwin E. Carnett Navy
Richard R. "Dick" Cole Army
Clinton A. Conatser Coast Guard
John M. "Jack" Crimian Army
William L. "Billy" DeMars Navy
Robert P. "Bobby" Doerr Army
William F. "Bill" Endicott Army
Carl D. Erskine Navy
David M. "Boo" Ferriss USAAF
Edward R. Fitz Gerald Army
David "Dave" Garcia USAAF
Ned F. Garver Navy
William H. "Bill" Greason USMC
John T. "Johnny" Groth Navy
Charles B. "Chuck" Harmon Navy
Donald I. Hasenmayer Navy
Christopher F. Haughey Army
Val R. Heim Navy
Solomon J. "Solly" Hemus Navy
John E. Hetki Army
Lee V. "Lefty" Howard Navy
Ransom J. "Randy" Jackson Navy
Howard K. "Howie" Judson Navy
Richard F. "Dick" Koecher Navy
Robert L. "Bob" Kuzava Army
Omar J. "Turk" Lown Army
Harry W. MacPherson Navy
Richard W. "Dick" Manville Navy
John W. "Windy" McCall USMC
Sabath A. "Sam" Mele USMC
Edward A "Ed" Mickelson USAAF
Edward F. Mierkowicz Army
Lawrence E. "Larry" Miggins Merchant Marine
Robert J. "Bob" Miller Army
William H. "Bill" Mills Army
Fenton L. Mole USAAF
Robert M. "Bobby" Morgan Army
Stephen "Steve" Nagy Navy
Aloysius F. "Al" Naples Navy
Donald I "Don" Newcombe Navy
Irving A. Noren Army
Leonard J. Okrie Navy
Harry W. Perkowski Navy
Marvin E. Rackley USAAF
Edward Redys Army
Allen G. Richter USAAF
Manuel J. "Jim" Rivera USAAF
William E. "Eddie" Robinson Navy
Edward W. Samcoff USMC
Francis F. "Frank" Saucier Navy
Carl A. Scheib Army
Albert F. "Red" Schoendienst Army
Robert C. "Bobby" Shantz Army
Charles A. R. Silvera USAAF
Robert O. "Bob" Spicer USAAF
Richard E. "Dick" Starr Army
Charles A. "Chuck" Stevens USAAF
Paul H. Stuffel Army
Willard W. "Wayne" Terwilliger USMC
Charles L. "Tim" Thompson Army
Waldon T. "Wally" Westlake Coast Guard
Thomas E. Wright USAAF
George E. Yankowski Army



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