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About the Professional Baseball Player Database (1922 to 2004)

 Version 6.0 contains year-by-year records for major and minor league players between 1922 and 2004. Every player who is listed in the Official Baseball Guides for those seasons is included, and many who were omitted from the Guides because of limited playing time have been researched and added to the database. In addition, a number of professional leagues whose statistics were not included in the Guides have been added (please see the Additions and Improvements page).

    This full-featured software program includes batting (BA, HR, RBI) and pitching (W-L, ERA) statistics for each player as listed in the Guides or other sources. It enables users to search and sort information in a variety of ways. Players may be listed alphabetically, ranked by statistical categories, or sorted by career, team, or league.

    The Professional Baseball Player Database has become a leading reference source for authors, broadcasters, historians, and fans in the United States and wherever baseball diamonds have dotted the landscape.


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